Church Ministries

Altar ServerAltar Servers  Deacon Ira Sawney (561) 863-9335

A visible example of answering God’s call to service, our altar servers assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy. Altar servers must have received first confession and Holy Communion. Boys and girls are welcomed.
Orientation is offered every Sunday after the 10:00 AM mass.



 DSCF2045Choir   Joycee Deaver (561) 847-5954

Qui canta, bis orat.” (One who sings, prays twice.) – St Augustine
If your soul and spirit yearn “Sing to the Lord, and praise him!” (Psalm 96:2), please contact Joycee. Children are welcomed to join the Children’s Choir.


Eucharist MinisterEucharistic Ministers  Cecelia Joly (561) 844-0601

Mission: Share the body and blood of Jesus Christ to those in communion with the Holy Catholic Church.

Eucharistic Ministers assist the presiding priest by giving the body and blood of Christ to the church congregation during Mass and take communion to those unable to attend Mass.

Please contact Cecelia or the parish office if you are interested in the ministry of the Eucharistic Ministers.


LectorLectors  Audrey Sawney-Young  (561) 301-9608

“Come Holy Spirit, into my mind and my heart as I read these Sacred Scriptures. Inspire me with your grace to proclaim this Living Word with sincerity and reverence.”

The ministry of the lector calls for a person to grow in a warm and loving knowledge of Scripture, the Living Word of God.  He or she is invited to enter into a relationship with the Word that is creative, powerful, and effective.

Please contact Audrey if you are interested in the ministry of the Lectors.


 Legion of MaryLegion of Mary   Jacqueline Taylor (561) 684-3718

The Legion of Mary is a worldwide organization. At St John Fisher parish, we honor our Blessed Mother under the title “Our Lady Queen of Martyrs.” Duties include weekly visits to nursing homes; pray and distribute Holy Communion and religious articles to the residents. As the Legion of Mary, we continue serving our Lord through his Blessed Mother.
We are recruiting active and auxiliary members. Anyone interested, please contact Theresa Thirbenny or the parish office.

Mens clubMen’s Club  Richard Romero (561) 255-3544

The St John Fisher Men’s Club provides services to its members and parishioners through serving at social functions requiring bar/beverage services.  Once a month, the Men’s Club sponsors and  serves Pancake Breakfast after the morning  mass.  We also provide assistance to the Ladies Auxiliary when needed.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Men’s Club, please contact Eugene or call the parish office for more information.


Religious EducationReligious Education   Father Marcos de Leon (561) 842-1224

The CCD program offers Sacramental preparation and religious education for children and RCIA for adults who have been called to conversion into the Catholic faith or who have been baptized and need to receive the Initiation Sacraments of First Communion and/or Confirmation.
Children ages 4 – 18 years can be registered for the CCD program. Classes are divided by age group and include Sacramental preparation for First Holy Communion and First Penance beginning in 2nd grade, and Confirmation beginning in 8th grade (Confirmation formation/preparation is 2 years). Classes follow the school schedule, beginning the first Sunday after Labor Day in September and ending in early June, with breaks given for Christmas and Easter. Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is ongoing throughout the year. Please call Marjory, Director of CCD/RCIA, for information. Classes are on Sunday from 8:45 AM to 9:50 AM. Please call the parish office at 561-842-1224 for registration, fee information, or if you are interested in volunteering.


Ushers 1Ushers Gerard Mallebranche (561) 848-6289

We Ushers are committed to helping provide financial stability to our church by encouraging parishioners to be supportive and generous.

St John Fisher Ushers are very responsible and dependable parishioners with a positive attitude, who serve our fellow parishioners with courtesy and patience.

If you are interested in serving as an Usher, please contact Gerard or call the parish office for more information.


Woman GuildWomen’s Guild  Patricia Caputo (561) 614-9863

The Women’s Guild
We will support the church and enrich our family through prayer and service.

♦ General Meetings will be held on the 2nd Sunday of every month following the 10:00am Mass (September thru May )

The Women’s Guild mission is to work together in God’s name through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  We support the church and church family through prayer and service. 

The St. John Fisher Women’s Guild was established in April 1964.  It was originally called the Altar Society.  Guild meetings are held monthly, September to May.  We hold special events as well as parish socials. 

The Guild supports members with outreach ministry and serves as a medium through which the ladies of the parish act as a unit in matters concerning the parish and public interest.  The Guild unites the ladies of the parish in adoration of the Almighty God and devotion to His Blessed Mother.  The Guild provides care and maintenance of the Altar, vestments and statues, and assists the Pastor in the well-being of the Parish.

Please contact Marcia if you have any questions or are interested in becoming a member of the Women’s Guild.


Youth MinistryYouth Ministry  Marlene Rivera  (561) 603-6977
Empowering our young people to live as disciples of Christ, nurturing and supporting their growing loving relationship with the Living God, and helping our youths to discern their calling as Catholic Christians.

Please contact Dominique or the parish office for information on joining the Youth Group.


MonaguillosAcolitos (Monaguillos)

Christopher Hernandez 561-842-1224

Diacono Miguel Rodriguez  (904) 607-5582



 Music CordinatorCordinador de Musica  Gerardo Garcia  (561) 667-6503




      Damas Católicas en Acción 


      Susana Ramirez 561-800-5789 


Prayer GroupGrupo de Oracion “Movidos por el Espiritu Santo”

Aron Perez (561-401-5520

Este grupo se reúne todos los viernes de 7:30 – 9:30 PM en el salón parroquial para orar, cantar y darle honor a Dios nuestro salvador.


Grupo JuvenilGrupo Juvenil “Enviados de Cristo” 

Vinmer Perez  (561)-634-5289





    Francisco Martinez 561-502-3311



Ministros de la Eucaristía  Silvia Mazariegos  (561) 252-3945

Mision: Los ministros de la Eucaristia comparten el Cuerpo y la Sangre de Cristo a aquellos que estan en comunion con la Santa Iglesia Catolica.
Ellos asisten y presiden al sacerdote en la distribucion del Cuerpo Eucaristia y la  Sangre de Cristo a la congregacion de la iglesia durante la misa y llevan la Eucaristia a aquellos que no pueden asistir  a la misa o que esten recluidos en lugares de cuido y recuperacion.


Proclamadores de la PalabraLectores   Mirtha Enriquez (954) 245-1822

Comprometidos ha proclamar la palabra de Díos.  Dentro de las celebraciones dentro de las santa misa.  Dia y hora de reunion es el segundo y cuarto domingo de cada mes a las diez de la mañana en el salon parroquial.
Un Ministerio comprometido a proclamar la Palabra de Dios dentro de las celebraciones de la Santa Misa.

Dia de reunion: Segundo y cuarto domingo de cada mes a las 10:00 de la mañana en el salon parroquial.
       Ujieres-Bienvenida Adela Berdero
                 (561) 662-2105
       Ministerio De Amigos de Jose y Maria
     Bandy Fernandez (561) 515-8256
Creado como una respuesta al llamado que en fatima hizo nuestra Santisima Madre la Virgen Maria a los tres pastorcitos. Su fin es que los niños aprendan amar a Jesús y a María y hacerlos amados a otros. Sus objetivos es que conozcan a Jesús, lo amen intensamente y tengan presente a cristo en la Eucaristía como centro de sus vidas, sin olvidar encontrarlo también en nuestros hermanos. Busquen conversión y crezcan en la fe.